Filled Cupcakes


Can you thing of anything better than biting into a cupcake. I sure can! Biting into a normal cupcake that has really good toppings can be delicious, but biting into a filled cupcake is heaven.

First of all, biting into a filled cupcake doesn’t only give you an extra taste of icing, it also gives you- well, something else really special. The excitement of from surprise when you bite into a filled one, is something no one can ever beat. The sensation of biting into a filled cupcake with a delicious surprise centre is an experience everyone wants.

Making filled cupcakes aren’t as hard as they might seem. In fact they are a lot easier to make than they look. All you need is the product that you want the cupcake to filled with and the right baking materials: a piping bag, a spatula, an apple corer and scissors.

To fill a cupcake you don’t necessarily need to use a specific filling. Although the majority of the people who post videos and images on line use buttercream icing, you can most definitely use jams or jellies, chocolate fudge or even slices of fresh fruit or nuts.

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Rainbow Ruffled Flower Toppings


A cupcake without any icing is definitely not going to be able to spread a delightful thought of satisfaction on your face. A cupcake with icing is probably the most likely way anyone eats a cupcake or fines decorative. And maybe putting a few sprinkles here and there is usually the way to go when decorating a cupcakes icing. Therefore, a cupcake with icing, instead of adding sprinkles or a pastry topping to it, you add many layers of colourful modelling chocolate to make different sized ruffles. Now that’s the way to go!

This example of decorating a cupcake is very interesting and creative, too. The colourful theme can be changed into any colour the baker pleases. Because of the colourful theme this cupcake decoration reveals, the cupcake can be used for many occassions. For example, this cupcake can be used for birthday parties, gifts to friends and even as a presentation to a host.

The image of the cupcake above might look like a complicated way of decorating a cupcake. Although, like many cupcakes, all you need to complete the task is a wide range of creativity, time and patience and maybe even a sense of humour.  Have fun!

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Rainbow Layered Cupcakes


Have you ever eaten a rainbow layered cupcake?

If you haven’t, they are one of the most fashionable and most colourful cupcake that was ever baked. The image represented above is an image of a giant rainbow layered cake formed as a cupcake. Rainbow layered cupcakes do not necessarily have to be as big as this one, although this image gives you the full view of what it could look like.

Rainbow layers aren’t only used for cupcakes, they are also used to bake cakes. There are many ways of baking this sort of colourful and creative idea, although they don’t always turn out to look the same way every time. This delicious and colourful way of decorating a dessert isn’t as difficult as it might seem. The only items you will need to accomplish this will the right tools and creativity.

To make rainbow layered cupcakes, you will need to understand before hand that the colours and the final look will not look like the image above because to make a cupcake, the detail must be smaller and more precise. Therefore, when baking a rainbow layered cake, the detail put into it doesn’t have to have as exaggerated detail as the formate for the cupcake.

This kind of cupcake lets your imagination flow and because of the colour, the people who will eat this dessert will enjoy it more than a regular cupcake and this sort of fashion is more attractive to the ones who will admirer them when eating them or while they’re on display.

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Pastry Toppings


Have you ever wondered how bakers create such beautiful special event pastry toppings on cupcakes? I have.

Whenever I go to weddings or big parties,I always look forward to the sweets table. After the main meal or after all the dancing, I’m always ready to admire and taste the delicious pasteries made by professional bakers. Once the guests are invited tothe dessert table, I get excited about seeing how the desserts have been decorated. The majority of the parties that I’ve been invited to choose to have cupcakes as their preferred dessert. As I look closely at the cupcake decorations. I’ve often noticed that the bakers choose themes linked to the event to decorate the cupcakes.  Once I saw pastries in which looked like a cat, a witch and a ghost on top of the cupcakes to celebrate halloween. My favourite were flowers for a wedding.

Many of my friends like to decorate cupcakes with unusual or pretty toppings.  They use different color frostings with candy to make happy faces, ribbons, animals or animated creatures. Only a few months ago did I learn how to make pastry cupcake toppings.

Pastery cupcake toppings aren’t as dificult as they seem. All you need is the right material, skills and creativity. Once you learned how to make them, your cupcakes will seem a lot more interesting and prettier.

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Very Vanilla Sprinkle Cupcakes

Having an ordinary cupcake only containing thick icing isn’t enough to put a wide smile of satisfaction on your face. It only leaves you thinking of how this amazing, although plain, cupcake can be better. First you’re probably left thinking “oh never mind, it’s great”. Until sprinkles were invented.

Sprinkles are probably the best and easiest topping anyone can apply onto a delicious dessert. They are easy to use and most definitely delicious and decorative. The biggest use for sprinkles is for decoration. Not only do sprinkles taste good but they are usually very colourful and give more interest towards the people who are eating them or to the people who are admiring them on display.

Some people say that sprinkles make them happy because of their colourful content. Therefore, others say that they just use them because they’ve never imagined or seen a cupcake without those delicious colourful sugar bits. To be completely honest, a cupcake just isn’t a cupcake without some sort of fashionable display on top of the icing. In my opinion, cupcakes were invented by someone who wanted to make a delicious mini desert that people can enjoy and put different decorations to it.

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