Very Vanilla Sprinkle Cupcakes

Having an ordinary cupcake only containing thick icing isn’t enough to put a wide smile of satisfaction on your face. It only leaves you thinking of how this amazing, although plain, cupcake can be better. First you’re probably left thinking “oh never mind, it’s great”. Until sprinkles were invented.

Sprinkles are probably the best and easiest topping anyone can apply onto a delicious dessert. They are easy to use and most definitely delicious and decorative. The biggest use for sprinkles is for decoration. Not only do sprinkles taste good but they are usually very colourful and give more interest towards the people who are eating them or to the people who are admiring them on display.

Some people say that sprinkles make them happy because of their colourful content. Therefore, others say that they just use them because they’ve never imagined or seen a cupcake without those delicious colourful sugar bits. To be completely honest, a cupcake just isn’t a cupcake without some sort of fashionable display on top of the icing. In my opinion, cupcakes were invented by someone who wanted to make a delicious mini desert that people can enjoy and put different decorations to it.

Click on these links to learn about how to apply sprinkles on a cupcake and the most recommended cupcake bakery.


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