Pastry Toppings


Have you ever wondered how bakers create such beautiful special event pastry toppings on cupcakes? I have.

Whenever I go to weddings or big parties,I always look forward to the sweets table. After the main meal or after all the dancing, I’m always ready to admire and taste the delicious pasteries made by professional bakers. Once the guests are invited tothe dessert table, I get excited about seeing how the desserts have been decorated. The majority of the parties that I’ve been invited to choose to have cupcakes as their preferred dessert. As I look closely at the cupcake decorations. I’ve often noticed that the bakers choose themes linked to the event to decorate the cupcakes.  Once I saw pastries in which looked like a cat, a witch and a ghost on top of the cupcakes to celebrate halloween. My favourite were flowers for a wedding.

Many of my friends like to decorate cupcakes with unusual or pretty toppings.  They use different color frostings with candy to make happy faces, ribbons, animals or animated creatures. Only a few months ago did I learn how to make pastry cupcake toppings.

Pastery cupcake toppings aren’t as dificult as they seem. All you need is the right material, skills and creativity. Once you learned how to make them, your cupcakes will seem a lot more interesting and prettier.

Click these links on edible pastry toppings for cupcakes or for a recommended bakery.


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