Rainbow Layered Cupcakes


Have you ever eaten a rainbow layered cupcake?

If you haven’t, they are one of the most fashionable and most colourful cupcake that was ever baked. The image represented above is an image of a giant rainbow layered cake formed as a cupcake. Rainbow layered cupcakes do not necessarily have to be as big as this one, although this image gives you the full view of what it could look like.

Rainbow layers aren’t only used for cupcakes, they are also used to bake cakes. There are many ways of baking this sort of colourful and creative idea, although they don’t always turn out to look the same way every time. This delicious and colourful way of decorating a dessert isn’t as difficult as it might seem. The only items you will need to accomplish this will the right tools and creativity.

To make rainbow layered cupcakes, you will need to understand before hand that the colours and the final look will not look like the image above because to make a cupcake, the detail must be smaller and more precise. Therefore, when baking a rainbow layered cake, the detail put into it doesn’t have to have as exaggerated detail as the formate for the cupcake.

This kind of cupcake lets your imagination flow and because of the colour, the people who will eat this dessert will enjoy it more than a regular cupcake and this sort of fashion is more attractive to the ones who will admirer them when eating them or while they’re on display.

Click this link to learn more about how to make rainbow layered cupcakes



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