Filled Cupcakes


Can you thing of anything better than biting into a cupcake. I sure can! Biting into a normal cupcake that has really good toppings can be delicious, but biting into a filled cupcake is heaven.

First of all, biting into a filled cupcake doesn’t only give you an extra taste of icing, it also gives you- well, something else really special. The excitement of from surprise when you bite into a filled one, is something no one can ever beat. The sensation of biting into a filled cupcake with a delicious surprise centre is an experience everyone wants.

Making filled cupcakes aren’t as hard as they might seem. In fact they are a lot easier to make than they look. All you need is the product that you want the cupcake to filled with and the right baking materials: a piping bag, a spatula, an apple corer and scissors.

To fill a cupcake you don’t necessarily need to use a specific filling. Although the majority of the people who post videos and images on line use buttercream icing, you can most definitely use jams or jellies, chocolate fudge or even slices of fresh fruit or nuts.

Click this link to learn more about how to make filled cupcakes.


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