Rainbow Ruffled Flower Toppings


A cupcake without any icing is definitely not going to be able to spread a delightful thought of satisfaction on your face. A cupcake with icing is probably the most likely way anyone eats a cupcake or fines decorative. And maybe putting a few sprinkles here and there is usually the way to go when decorating a cupcakes icing. Therefore, a cupcake with icing, instead of adding sprinkles or a pastry topping to it, you add many layers of colourful modelling chocolate to make different sized ruffles. Now that’s the way to go!

This example of decorating a cupcake is very interesting and creative, too. The colourful theme can be changed into any colour the baker pleases. Because of the colourful theme this cupcake decoration reveals, the cupcake can be used for many occassions. For example, this cupcake can be used for birthday parties, gifts to friends and even as a presentation to a host.

The image of the cupcake above might look like a complicated way of decorating a cupcake. Although, like many cupcakes, all you need to complete the task is a wide range of creativity, time and patience and maybe even a sense of humour.  Have fun!

Click this link to find out other ways of decorating a cupcake.


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